Flower City Arcade

1694 Penfield Road

Rochester, NY 14625

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June 27, 2024

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Medium Collection

About Flower City Arcade

Flower City Arcade opened in Rochester, NY with favorite video arcade games from the 80’s including an assortment of Donkey Kong cabinets, PacMan and Ms PacMan, and Centipede, plus bubble hockey, darts, skeeball, and a nice lineup of pinball including Adams Family, Haunted House, Taxi, and Hercules, plus a few electromechanical pins set up outdoors. Games are all set to free play for $12 per person. Flower City was an arcade games distributor from 1940 until 1981, and this iteration of the family business is being revamped by the family’s third generation of arcade enthusiasts, Greg Grillo, who opened the arcade at the age of 20 and has been restoring the machines and improving the arcade since 2018. 

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