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Elvira's House of Horrors

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The Mistress of the Dark moves into a new home... occupied by monsters from some of the worst films ever made! Send them back to where they came from!

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Elvira's House of Horrors is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2019. Design by Dennis Nordman. Mechanics by Tom Kopera. Art by Greg Freres. Code by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.. Sound by Jerry Thompson. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow, Cassandra Peterson. Animation by Joshua Clay, Chuck Ernst, Danai Kittivathana, Paul Chamnankit.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Elvira's House of Horrors Design Team

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Elvira's House of Horrors Rules

Skill Shots

Plunge into the lit top lanes for Skill Shot.


Shoot the House Ramp to light Haunts. Shooting the House Ramp will start a Haunt when lit.

Trailer Trash

After you complete a Haunt, Trailer Trash will be lit at the House Ramp. Shoot House Ramp to start the Trailer Trash Hurry up

Garage Multiballs

Shoot balls into the Garage to light lock and to lock balls.

Junk In The Trunk

Completing the 36-24-36 targets will open the trunk and award the lit object when you lock a ball in the trunk.


Shoot the Crypt to start a Deadhead.

Freak Fryer

Switches, targets, and ramp will build up the Freak Fryer. Get the Freak Fryer maxed out to light Gappa Angry.

The Hand Of Fate

Completing the right standup targets lights Hand Of Fate on the left outlane. When the ball exits the left outlane, press the action button on the lockdown bar to stop the wheel and collect a reward.

Gar-Goils Gone Wild

Shooting Gargoil targets advance towards Gar-Goils Gone Wild.

Un-Happy Hour

Ramp shots advance Un-Happy Hour.

Wild Market Value

Throughout the game, hitting the Wild Market Value target builds the Wild Market Value.

How to Play Elvira's House of Horrors

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