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Hang Glider

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Hang Glider is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1976. Design by Jim Patla. Art by Dick White.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Hang Glider Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD through the spinner or the double bonus orbit.

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Full Rules:

This is a near-twin of Hi-Deal with slightly different rules. This is a bonus plus spinner game. Bonus is advanced by the ten white mini-rollover buttons at the top when lit, by the two return lanes, by the five standup targets [three lower left, two upper right] when lit, and from the center saucer, which gives one advance and 1000 points for each drop target that you’ve hit so far on that ball. Bonus maxes out at 15000. If extra balls are enabled, you score it in the saucer in the center once the five targets on the right are completed. The right side double bonus lane lights randomly based on score digit [the tens digit, I think; officially, it’s on an “adjustable mystery basis”]. General strategy is UTAD through either the spinner or the double bonus orbit [even if not lit] until your bonus is maxed at 15K and doubled. Once your bonus is at 30K, it’s time to deal with the five targets. Each target scores 1K and increases the value of the center saucer. If you’ve got three or four of the cards completed, you can then consider taking shots at that center saucer. I still wouldn’t, though; the saucer is high-risk / high-reward, giving 1000 per card plus one bonus advance per card, but if you miss it and hit one of the posts next to the saucer instead, you can easily drain. If you do manage to complete all five cards, forget about everything but the left side spinner. The spinner is now worth 1000 per spin, which beats anything else on the playfield for risk-reward when lit. This is true even if you light the spinner before maxing out your bonus. In the High Deal version of this playfield, the kite-themed standup targets are changed into card-themed drop targets. Scoring and strategy are otherwise the same.

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