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Scared Stiff

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Scared Stiff is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1996. Design by Dennis Nordman, Mark Weyna. Mechanics by Win Schilling, Joe Loveday, Bob Brown. Art by Greg Freres. Code by Cameron Silver, Mike Boon. Sound by Dave Zabriskie, Paul Heitsch. Music by Dave Zabriskie, Paul Heitsch. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow, Cassandra Peterson. Animation by Adam Rhine, Brian Morris.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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Scared Stiff Rules

How to Play Scared Stiff

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  • Soft-plunge into the “Spin Spider” hole. Flip both flippers to stop the spider on the backglass and get an award. The best two are the coffin and the crate, which progress you toward their respective multiballs and give you a free restart when the multiball would otherwise end.
  • The main multiball (Stiff in the Coffin) is lit by shooting the left ramp (with the bone monster on it) to light locks and the left loop to collect them. During that multiball, alternate ramp shots for jackpots or trap up and loop the right ramp for decent value.
  • If you’ve collected the Coffin award from the web, Stiff in the Coffin will automatically restart for free when it ends, regardless of how many jackpots you’ve scored.
  • Bashing the crate over and over again gets another multiball (Terror from the Crate). It’s dangerous and less valuable, but it’s a multiball.
  • The same rules apply: if you’ve gotten the Crate from the web, Terror from the Crate will restart automatically when it normally would end.
  • Collecting all six “tales” starts a wizard mode. The tales are completed by playing both multiballs, hitting the bumpers a bunch, shooting the left ramp a bunch, hitting the 1-2-3 “Leaper” targets, and completing the top “Deadhead” lanes. Doing so starts a final mode with high potential if completed and is very possible to do, even in competitive environments.

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