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Led Zeppelin

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Play through Led Zeppelin's repertoire as lit shots dynamically change in accordance with active songs.

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Led Zeppelin is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2020. Design by Steve Ritchie. Mechanics by John Rotharmel. Art by Greg Freres, Stephen Jensen. Code by Tim Sexton, Dean Grover, Raymond Davidson. Sound by Bob Baffy. Callouts by Brendon Small. Animation by Chuck Ernst, Kitti Neko.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Led Zeppelin Rules

Led Zeppelin Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Learn the quick rules to Led Zeppelin Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.


Song Modes

  • Shots are lit depending on the song selected
  • Make lit shots to help earn Gold Records
  • Enough Gold Records collected during a song complete the song

The song continuously plays during each ball. Shots available during the song depends on the section of the song that you are in (verse, solo, chorus, bridge, etc.).

Tour Modes

  • Shoot the right ramp to light tour modes
  • Shoot the left scoop to start tours
  • Completing objects allows you to lock balls for Tour Multiball


Zeppelin Multiball

  • Spell R-O-C-K at the standup targets to light locks
  • Shoot the Zeppelin ramp to lock balls
  • Lock 3 balls to start the multiball

Shoot all of the lit jackpots to light the super jackpot in the left scoop.

Electric Magic Multiball (Premium/LE Only)

  • Knock down all of the LED and ZEP drop targets to raise the Electric Magic spinner
  • Hit the Electric Magic spinner to charge
  • Once fully charged the Rock Out light will turn green
  • Hit the spinner again for it to lock the ball and start multiball


Completing target banks lights a band member symbol under the lock lights. Lighting all of the band members lights the Icarus shot to start the playfield multiplier. Making combos and ending them on the target banks determines your playfield X value.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra ball to be collected in the left scoop by:

  • Complete 2 tour modes
  • Complete 4 song modes
  • Complete 5 Gold Records

How to Play Led Zeppelin

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  • At the start of each ball, you get to pick which song/mode you’re playing. You will be playing a song at all times - when the song times out, the next one will begin automatically.
    • Each mode has lit shots which move around depending on what’s happening in the song (e.g. different shots might be lit up during the chorus than during the verse).
    • Shoot lit shots to earn Record Sales, enough Record Sales award Gold Records. 5 Gold Records completes a song and lets you change it at the upper eject.
    • All modes determine their value the same way, so there are no “bad” modes. Pick whichever looks good to you.
    • During any guitar solo, loop the center ramp repeatedly for mode points.
  • There are two main multiballs available on the Pro, and three on the Premium:
    • Tour Multiball is lit by shooting the left eject and selecting a tour you want to play. Each Tour requires hitting a certain feature enough times to collect a lock, with subsequent Tours requiring additional locks & features.
      • You should always be making progress towards a Tour. If you only have one ball in play, and you’re not working on Tour locks, shoot green lights to start Tour progress.
    • Zeppelin Multiball is lit by shooting the ROCK bank to light locks, and shooting the left ramp to collect locks.
    • Electric Magic Multiball (Premium/LE only) is lit by completing the LED ZEP bank enough times, then spinning the Electric Magic spinner which pops out of the playfield to light lock.
  • Multiball should always be your priority. If you have nothing else going on, go after whichever multiball is easiest.
    • Add-a-ball during any Multiball by hitting the Icarus standup three times, and by hitting the action button when it’s lit red.
      • Don’t press the action button unless it’s red.
  • The playfield multiplier - Icarus X - is lit by clearing all four banks of targets - Ball Save, LED, ZEP, and ROCK. 
    • Each bank has its own multiplier, which are all multiplied together for the Icarus X.
    • Ending a combo into a bank increases that bank’s multiplier by 0.1x for each shot made in the combo. For instance, ending a 3-way combo into a bank increases that bank by 0.3x.
    • When all four banks have been cleared, hit the Icarus standup to start the playfield multiplier.
    • Try to build your bank multipliers up evenly: one huge multiplier and three small ones will lead to a smaller Icarus X than four average multipliers will.

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