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Monte Carlo / Odds & Evens

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Monte Carlo / Odds & Evens is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1973. Design by Jim Patla. Art by Dave Christensen.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Monte Carlo / Odds & Evens Rules

Odds & Evens

Quickie Version:

UTAD via the left orbit. If you open the top gate, shoot that, too.

Go-to Flipper:

Right unless the top gate is open, then balanced

Risk Index:

High; the top gate is safest

Full Rules:

This is the single-player version of Monte Carlo. A bit of a luck box in that any useful shot other than the top gate when open will lead to the ball falling semi-randomly down the game. It may drain or come to a flipper with little skill on your part involved in which happens. Sometimes you can help yourself with nudging, but not always. The End of Ball Bonus has completed-set add-on values: it’s 1K per number for 1 to 4 even or odd numbers, plus a 10K bonus for all of either type. This means nudging to get specific numbered rollover buttons is important; a completed set of five is worth 15K while having four of each is worth only 8K. The center saucer raises center post; the saucer is worth 500 until you finish the Odd numbers, then it’s worth 5000. Top left saucer is likewise worth 500 until you finish the Even numbers, then it’s 5000 (plus an extra ball if active). Each saucer spots the lit number – odd for the center, even for the top, although the number lit may be one you already have. The active number for the top left saucer is shown along the roulette arc below it. When you have the center post up, let the ball settle between it and either flipper, then use micro flips to set up shots. Balls hitting either of the two small white rollover buttons above the tops of the bottom slingshots each put the post back down. The kickout from the center saucer should go to the left flipper. There are two gates on the right side of the machine. They are opened by the mushroom bumpers at the middle of the left side; the top bumper opens the top gate, the bottom mushroom opens the lower gate. Balls through the rights chute behind the gates score 4K if entering through the top gate and 2K if entering through the lower gate. Unlike the center post, the gates stay open for the remainder of the ball. Most shots up the left orbit will not enter the upper saucer but continue up to the number rollovers at the top of the machine. Balls go in the left saucer most often from bounces off the left bumper. Strategy: if you get the top gate open, go for that; otherwise, just go up top all day.

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