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Rolling Stones

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Rolling Stones is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1979. Design by Jim Patla. Art by Greg Freres. Code by Rehman Merchant.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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Rolling Stones Rules

Quickie Version:

Saucer at the top left almost exclusively. Nudge balls in the bumper area to collect targets #1-4, then shoot the center #5 target to advance your super bonus. Repeat, but you’ll need to hit the post inside either horseshoe to relight the #5 target.

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Full Rules:

Why do I say top saucer all day? The saucer collects bonus and ejects the ball to the top of the machine to collect a ROCK letter. You need to knock down the drop target protecting the saucer first. R-O-C-K lane completions advance bonus multiplier to 2X, 3X, 5X. Bonus X is preserved to subsequent balls. Completing 1-2-3-4-5 advances the super bonus to 20K, 40K and 60K. The #5 target also scores a ROCK letter when lit. Hitting one of the posts inside either side horseshoe shot relights the #5 target. Regular bonus maxes out at 19K and resets each ball; the 20-40-60K bonus is separate and is held to future balls. With 5X and max bonus, that’s 395K for a collect bonus shot. The drop target bank on the upper right scores a variable value when completed: the point lights behind them indicate the value to be scored; you want to get the last target to finish the bank when it’s worth 25K if you can. The value cycles quickly from 5000 at the bottom upward. Partially completed banks are preserved to the next ball. Horseshoe shots in either direction score the current value and raise the value for the next shot up to a maximum of 10K plus 5 bonus advances. When the ball is not on the right flipper for a saucer shot but on the left one, go up top towards the #3 and #4 targets to try to get those and have the ball bang around in the bumpers and hopefully also get #1 and #2. Of course, you can shoot #5 when lit with the left flipper, too.

via Bob's Guide

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