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See Saw

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See Saw is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1970. Concept by Ted Zale. Design by Ted Zale. Mechanics by Ted Zale. Art by Christian Marche. Animation by Ted Zale.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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See Saw Design Team

Ted Zale
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See Saw Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD to build bonus with standup targets and top lanes, then hit center standups to make value 10X, then collect bonus at saucers.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias Right

Risk Index:

Very High with no post or gate, Medium with those protections


Hit one or both of the rollovers to light a pair of bumpers, then go through either of the two open gate lanes. If a soft plunge will hit the lites green rollover and fall into the top right lane, do that.

Full Rules:

This is an almost-all bonus game. The number one thing to note is that there’s a 10X multiplier target for each bonus-collect saucer in the center of the playfield that you need to hit BEFORE you shoot either saucer to collect the bonus. The number two thing is that there’s no end-of-ball bonus; any value built up in your saucers goes away when you drain. Build it, 10X it, collect it while the ball is in play. Your strategy needs to start with going up top to build bonus and light things. From the right flipper, shoot at the three standup targets left of the bumpers; this is where most of your work will get done. One target advances each color bonus, the center one opens the bottom ball-save gate. There are two white rollover buttons in front of the targets that also advance your bonus. You’ll want to use the right flipper most of the time, since the left flipper is only useful when you have the top gate open or want to collect the blue bonus on the right. The top lanes have one for advancing each color bonus and two to open the top right gate. Whenever the top gate is open, you want the ball on the left flipper to shoot through it and give yourself another plunge to the top for more advances and or to reopen the gate; the gate also score 3000, the most on the machine other than a 10X bonus. Once you have one or both colors built up close to their 1000 point maxima, you want to hit the center “lites 10X” targets to raise the value of the saucers. Once lit for 10X, collect them a.s.a.p. since there’s no end of ball bonus. Then resume building them; they reset to 100 points when collected. Besides the two gates, there’s a center ball save post, with the up button dead center above it and two down buttons above the slingshots. The kickback in the left outlane is lit semi-randomly based on the 10’s digit of your score; 4 of the 10 positions will have it on, 6 will have it off. The bumpers are turned on by the top white rollover buttons above the top lanes. Don’t shoot either of the lower mushroom bumpers to advance bonus.

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