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Travel Route 66 and take on opponents in challenges to collect historic Corvette vehicles. George Gomez's first designed machine, based on one of his favorite pastimes.

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Corvette is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1994.Concept by George Gomez. Design by George Gomez. Mechanics by Tom Kopera. Art by Dan Hughes. Code by Tom Uban, Bill Grupp. Sound by Paul Heitsch. Music by Vince Pontarelli, Paul Heitsch. Animation by Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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Corvette Design Team

George Gomez
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Corvette Rules

How to Play Corvette

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  • Collect the flashing blue car parts to light “start challenge” at the pit. Challenges require the player to make the flashing shots to advance their car and award the flashing car on the grid if won. Typical challenges award between 50M to 100M for completion.
  • Shoot the right ramp to reveal the next Route 66 award, then shoot the ramp again to cash out the award. The first award is the very difficult “Catch Me” mode; other awards like a hurry-up / multiball and super jets await dedicated players.
  • Collect spark plugs at the yellow arrows for assorted awards – either 20M points, or lighting the right ramp for “Race Today”. During “Race Today”, use the left flipper to move and right flipper to shift when prompted.
  • Track combos add up in tournament play and can be collected at any time, even during multiball. Shoot either the engine or right orbit to set them up from the upper flipper.
  • Multiball jackpots are the most consistent way to get high scores on Corvette in a tournament setting. Shoot the left orbit to light the lock at the engine. Lock 3 balls and rev the engine up to start multiball, and shoot the side loop and skid ramp for jackpots (or combo them for super jackpots!)
  • Collecting all 9 cars will begin the puzzle challenge. Make 9 flashing shots to reveal the 1997 Corvette and start a 4-ball multiball where engine shots can be worth up to 100M per shot. Players that reach this final mode can enter their initials as Future Car Champ.

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