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Star Pool

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Star Pool is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1974. Design by Steve Kordek. Art by Christian Marche.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Star Pool Rules

Quickie Version:

Up Top until bonus is at 15K, then A-B-C-D for double bonus, then UTAD.

Go-to Flipper:

Mild bias Right

Risk Index:

Very High


Hit as many of the top white advance bonus micro buttons as you can, while also trying to hit the orange “opens gate” rollover.

Full Rules:

Somewhat like Triple Action / Star Action with return lanes [see below]. Strategy: UTAD until you have maxed your bonus at 15K. At that point, shoot for the A-B-C-D large drop targets to get double bonus. You may want to do another top shot or two first so that the lower gate is open before you go after whichever you still need of A-B-C-D. You can often get both the A and B in one shot via a bank shot off the side rubbers; the other way to get A and B is from shots to the top where the ball falls down the center into the middle bumper and bounces off of it into the A and or B. C and D are direct shots from the flippers, although you can also collect these randomly off sling bounces. You also get a bonus advance for each trip through either of the return lanes. Once your bonus is at double 15K, UTAD. Don’t bother to shoot the spinner; even at 100 per spin, the risk of drain is too high to make it worthwhile. Up top is far safer. It’s really hard to make up ground on this game once your bonus is maxed out; the point values for things are too low to get more than 10-20K in “scrounge points,” even on a really long ball. It’s extremely important therefore to get as close to max bonus as you can every ball. If you’re down 60K or more going to the last ball … you’re screwed.

via Bob's Guide

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