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Time Fantasy

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Time Fantasy is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1983. Design by Barry Oursler. Art by Seamus McLaughlin. Code by Ed Suchocki. Sound by Eugene Jarvis.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Time Fantasy Rules

Quickie Version:

Complete 1-5 to build up playfield multiplier, then complete TIME to start snail time. Continue with shots to 1-5 during snail time.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:



Make the flashing top lane among 1-5, which spots you a letter in TIME, ideally the #1 lane (see below); the lit lane cycles left-to-right, then goes from the 5 back to the 1.

Full Rules:

While it doesn’t run on clock time instead of ball count like a few games, “TIME” is still the key here. The big points here start with spelling T-I-M-E in the recessed left alley. The ball must go all the way up through the metal rails and trigger the stand-up target in the back. The TIME letters, like the top lanes, constantly cycle from top to bottom, then back from the E to the T, making you “time” your shot precisely to get a letter you need. You can shoot them either forehand or backhand; the forehand has a clearer angle. Transferring the ball from left to right, if you choose, can be done by shatzing or post passing. TIME shots from either flipper can rebound drain down the middle. When you complete TIME, you immediately enter “snail time” with a minimum of 30 seconds. The ball save is on for the duration; no time is deducted for drained balls, unlike clock-based games. You start with more than 30 seconds if you’ve done any of these first: scored a lit return lane (5 seconds each), scored lane #1 at the top (10 seconds) and completed the FANTASY stand-up targets (5 seconds). Starting time quantity goes up to 99 seconds. You cannot earn more time during snail time. While in snail time, completed sets of the top 1-5 lanes increase your playfield multiplier up to a max of 5X (may be completed either before or during snail time). You can continue to shoot TIME letters during snail time to set yourself up for another round of it. There is no limit on how many times snail time can be played during a ball. Time letters are preserved from ball to ball. Playfield multiplier resets. Base bonus is earned from the 1-5 lanes, the Fantasy targets and two per lit return lane, and goes up to 39K. Bonus multiplier is increased by completing the seven Fantasy targets and goes 2X, 3X, 5X then a big 10X. Bonus and multipliers reset each ball. Even during normal ball play, completing the 1-5 lanes is valuable: 10K the first time, then 30K, 60K, 90K. Put a high playfield multiplier on top of that during snail time and you crush it. I generally do not shoot the horseshoe “mushroom jump” shot at the lower left except during snail time. It’s scoring is interesting. Left orbit shots to the top raise its value from 10K up to as much as 100K, as does scoring the shot in the arrow-lit direction. If you go around the horseshoe in the direction opposite the arrow, its value goes down a notch. For biggest points, first complete your 1-5 lanes several times to get your playfield multiplier high and have more seconds of snail time when you do start it, then keep making the left orbit shot to the top and draining at the bottom to get more plunges to the top lanes. Completing 1-5 during snail time with 5X playfield running is worth 450K.

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