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Wizard! is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1975. Design by Greg Kmiec. Art by Dave Christensen.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Wizard! Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD via the left orbit.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

High; you want shots to the top to go into the saucer whenever possible. The resulting feed out of the Flags chute is safer than balls coming down the middle through the bumpers.


Get the ball in top saucer but try to go over the right star rollover on the way. Since the saucer ejects the ball into the flags lane, this will light the spinner right away. You’ll be shooting the ball through the spinner all the time as part of the UTAD strategy; might as well light it. The left star rollover, which lights the bumpers, is not as good, but still better than getting neither rollover.

Full Rules:

UTAD pretty much. Great game for learning ball-passing flipper skills, since you want the ball on the right flipper whenever possible. Key feature is the upper right “flags” lane. A ball in the top saucer will be ejected into this lane; you can also get the ball there with shots to the top that rattle around or hit the bumper and go in. The lane flags do the following when tripped by the ball rolling through the upper right lane: Flag 1 – lights Bumpers for 100 [vs. 10] Flag 2 – lights Center Target for 3000 [vs. 500] Flag 3 – lights Double Bonus Flag 4 – lights Spinner for 100 [vs. 10] Besides each flag being activated by the matching numbered target (1, 2 and 3 at the lower left, 4 just right of center), the star rollovers at the top light the 1 flag (left rollover) and 4 flag (right). On any shot to the top, your priority is to nudge the ball into the saucer for 3000 + 3 bonus advances + 400 points when it is kicked out over the four flag rollovers + whatever features your flags activate. Getting one of those star rollovers at the top is nice if you’re missing that flag, but don’t let that make you miss the saucer. Key feed: Flag exit. Ball control is king here. When the ball comes down the flags lane, you want to get it back to the right flipper by whatever means works best. This could be letting it dead bounce off the left flipper to the right, drop catching on the left, then tap passing or alley passing to the right, live catching on the right, or some variation of these. It all depends on how fast the ball comes down the chute and where it goes when it does. Nudge as needed if it doesn’t come cleanly to one of these options. If you have a strong enough left flipper, you may be able to backhand the spinner. If so, consider yourself lucky - - you can now make your priority shot from either flipper without risking a transfer. If you have your base bonus close to maximum (19000) and have not yet doubled it, it’s probably worthwhile to risk shooting at the Flag 2 standup target at the lower left to activate that flag. Then go back up top to the saucer or otherwise get the ball into the flag lane to activate the double bonus. Otherwise, it’s generally not worth shooting at any of the four flag standups. Likewise, don’t bother to shoot the 5000 recessed standup target unless you’re really accurate and just need those points to win - - missed shots to it often drain, and hits to it can drain, too. The top left pair of standup targets and both return lanes add bonus. Don’t worry about those standups, though, they’re not worth shooting the ball into the bumper area rather than through the spinner. You can get some random hits on them when a ball up top fails to land in the saucer and comes down the center. If you find the Wizard in your tournament has flippers too weak to consistently make the UTAD shot through the spinner, or if you get a consistently bad feed out of the flags lane, avoid playing the game if given a choice. If Extra Balls are on, you get it by maxing the bonus at 19000, then shooting the ball to the top through the spinner.

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