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Aerosmith is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2017. Design by John Borg. Art by Donny Gillies (Dirty Donny). Code by Waison Cheng, Mike Kyzivat, Lonnie D. Ropp. Sound by Ken Hale. Callouts by Brendon Small. Animation by Zac Stark, Chuck Ernst, Mark Galvez.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Aerosmith Design Team

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Aerosmith Rules

Skill Shots

There are two different Skill Shots in the game.

Smart Missile

When lit, press the action button on the lockdown bar to use the Smart Missile, which will award a lit shot for you.

Song Modes

At the start of each ball, you can choose a song mode to play. Each mode is timed and has a required number of shots that need to be made to complete the mode.

Super Modes

Completing a Song Mode will start its corresponding SUPER MODE.

Crank It Up

After making at least one shot in any song mode, Crank It Up will be lit at the scoop.

Aerosmith Targets

Complete the nine AEROSMITH targets to light Mystery at the scoop and to light Shot Multipliers.

Toys In The Attic Multiball

Shoot the Toybox to light locks. Shoot the saucer to lock balls into the toybox. When you lock the third ball it will start Toys In The Attic.

Elevator Multiball

Shoot each orbit to light the Elevator Lock. Shoot the Elevator to lock a ball. Locking three balls starts Elevator Multiball.

Medley Multiball

When you have played all the song modes, you will light Medley Multiball at the scoop. During Medley Multiball you will play any song modes you didn’t complete.

World Tour

Completing all the song modes lights World Tour Final Wizard mode.

How to Play Aerosmith

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Aerosmith Gameplay Video

Gameplay Discussion & History