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Game of Thrones

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Battle rival houses in a quest to win the Game of Thrones. Based on the HBO series. 

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Game of Thrones is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2015. Design by Steve Ritchie. Mechanics by Robert Blakeman, John Rotharmel, Tom Kopera. Art by Greg Freres, Dave Link. Code by Dwight Sullivan, Waison Cheng, Tanio Klyce, Mike Kyzivat, Corey Stup, Lonnie D. Ropp, Jack Benson. Sound by Jerry Thompson, Ken Hale, Jon Hey. Music by Brian Schmidt. Animation by Zac Stark, Chuck Ernst, Danai Kittivathana, Mark Galvez, Tom Kyzivat, Alex Borre.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Game of Thrones Rules

How to Play Game of Thrones

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  • Game of Thrones features two types of scoring multipliers:
    • Playfield multipliers are started by repeatedly hitting the Battering Ram. Playfield X can be increased up to 3X, 4X with one sword (lit by completing modes), or 5X with two swords.
    • Combo multipliers are lit by making shots as combos. In a three-way combo to three unique shots, the second shot will be doubled, and the third will be tripled. Combo multiplier maxes out at 5X.
    • What constitutes a “combo” and what doesn’t can be very obtuse. Broadly speaking, if a shot is flashing red, it’s lit for a combo. You can see the current combo multiplier on the display for each shot.
    • The two multipliers multiply each other. A 3X combo with 3X playfield will be worth 9X.
  • Most huge scores on Game of Thrones are usually composed of one or two monster jackpots, instead of a multitude of smaller ones. It’s very hard to reach a billion if you don’t score one or two jackpots worth several hundred million.
  • At the start of the game, you get to choose your house. The easiest house (and one of the best) is Martell, which lets you press the Action button once per ball to add-a-ball during a multiball. (Press the button as you’re about to drain out of multiball to keep the multiball alive!)
  • Blackwater is the game’s main multiball. Locks are lit at the green targets on the right and collected at the center ramp. During Blackwater, collecting all green jackpots lights a timed frenzy of Super Jackpots which can be collected on repeated hits to the Battering Ram.
  • There are seven houses, each with their own affiliated shot and mode. Shooting a shot enough times during single-ball play will light that house’s mode. When mode start is lit (“Choose Your Battle”), you can shoot the center ramp to start one or two modes of your choosing.
    • You should always try and start two modes if you can help it. While knowing what modes stack well with one another is very useful, the general idea of “pick two modes when you can” will often suffice.
    • You can pass instead (as you should, if two modes aren’t lit), but you’ll have to light a mode before Choose Your Battle will light again.
  • Some other things to be aware of so you’re not confused:
    • Wall Multiball is available after hitting the top lanes (Pro) or Dragon (Premium/LE)
    • Winter is Coming sucks and can be completely ignored
    • Beating four houses lights a mini-wizard mode called Hand of the King - when you’ve beaten three houses, drop everything to beat the fourth

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