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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

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Eddie, Iron Maiden's mascot, must take on alternate versions of himself and steal their soul shards before taking on the Beast.

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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2018. Design by Keith Elwin. Mechanics by Harrison Drake. Art by Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti). Code by Rick Naegele. Sound by Jerry Thompson. Callouts by Rick Zieff. Animation by Zac Stark.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Design Team

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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Rules

Iron Maiden Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Learn the quick rules to Iron Maiden Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.


  • Hit enough white lit shots to spell Eddie on the screen
  • Battle is then lit to start at the Pharaoh shot(jump ramp/under ramp)
  • Completing a mode lights the Pharaoh shot(jump ramp) for a Soul Shard
  • To qualify another battle hit more white lit shots to spell Eddie again

It is easiest to hit the Pharaoh shot(jump ramp) to get Eddie letters, but as you progress through the modes the number of white shots will be reduced and the Pharaoh shot will not be available.


Mummy Multiball is the 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit the captive ball until Mummy is spelled to light lock
  • Lock the ball by hitting the Pharaoh shot on the Pro and the left ramp on Premium/LE
  • Hit the captive ball enough times again to spell Mummy to qualify the multiball
  • When Mummy letters are strobing then one more hit to the captive ball starts multiball
  • Enough switch hits lights the captive ball for a jackpot

Trooper Multiball is the 3 ball multiball.

  • Light locks by knocking down the drop targets when “Light Lock” is lit
  • The orbits lock the ball virtually until the third ball is locked and multiball starts
  • Blue lit shots are lit for jackpots
  • 3 jackpots light the super jackpot at the dead end target just right of the Pharaoh shot


Hit the “X” targets around the playfield to light the playfield multiplier in one of the in-lanes. The light can be switched between in-lanes by using the flippers. Rolling the ball over the lit in-lane starts a 2x multiplier that lasts for a limited time. Hit the “X” targets again while in 2x to light the in-lane again for the potential of a 3x multiplier.

Extra Balls:

Collect an extra ball at the middle “X” target after one of the following:

  • Complete 3 of the Power Features (Ramps, Pops, Orbits, Spinners, Targets)
  • Complete 30 loops
  • Get the 5th Tomb Treasure

How to Play Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

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  • There are dozens of ways to put up great points, so don’t drain trying to set up a golden stack. The reward rarely outweighs the risk when being greedy.
  • Shooting white arrows spells out E-D-D-I-E, which lights a mode at the center shot when complete. Modes are worth solid value and have pretty straightforward rules. Aces High and Rime of the Ancient Mariner are multiballs, and the others are conventional shotmaking modes.
  • Completing the bank of drop targets three times lights locks at the orbits for Trooper Multiball:
    • During Trooper, shoot all major shots for jackpots. Clear the bank of drops again to light a “cannon shot” at the jump ramp, which scores 1-3 jackpots AND adds a ball the first time you do it.
  • Spelling M-U-M-M-Y by hitting the captive ball lights lock for Mummy Multiball, spelling it again starts the multiball:
    • During Mummy, hitting enough switches lights a jackpot at the captive ball. Shoot yellow lights to collect “scepter awards,” and collect all yellow lights to add a ball into play.
  • The “Orb” shot, located below the pop bumpers, will not add-a-ball during Mummy or Trooper. (It will do so during Aces High or Rime.)
  • Hitting all orange X targets around the playfield will light a 2X Playfield X, started by rolling over a lit inlane. Completing the X targets when 2X is lit will light 3X playfield. During Playfield X, the orange targets will now add time to your multiplier. Save your Playfield X for a good mode or multiball.
  • Be sure to capitalize on Power Features:
    • Getting enough of the various playfield features - Ramps, Orbits, Spinners, Pops, Targets - will begin a Power Feature, which will add to the Power Jackpot that can be collected at the Orb.
    • Completing a Power Feature adds +1X to the Power Jackpot. The Power Jackpot is available whenever it’s worth 1,000,000 or more.
    • Don’t collect Power Jackpots just because they’re lit. They can skyrocket in value if you complete lots of power features all at once. But don’t get too greedy - if you drain, you lose the entire value.
    • Completing all power features lights a very lucrative multiball, so if you’re closing in on finishing them, make that a priority.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Gameplay Video

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