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Andromeda is a pinball machine manufactured by Game Plan Inc. in 1985. Design by Ed Cebula, Mike Kubin. Art by Paul Faris. Code by Rehman Merchant.
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Game Plan Inc.
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Solid State
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Andromeda Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot the black drop target on the left side, then shoot the orbit behind it to lock a ball. Shoot the stand-up “launch ball” target on the left to start multiball. Shoot the spinner during multiball.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:


Shots to Master:

lock shot, multiball start target, spinner.

Full Rules:

Starting multiball has three steps: shoot the black drop target on the left; shoot the ball into the scoop above and behind it to lock the ball; shoot the launch ball stand-up target on the left below there to start multiball. The launch ball target is deceptively hard to hit, being somewhat guarded by the corner above the lower bumper. Two catches of note: first, unlike most machines, balls can go through the lock slot to the top without triggering the lock; second, there’s lock stealing here, the machine doesn’t care who locked the ball. There’s a playfield multiplier of 2X during multiball. Best strategy is to shoot the balls to the top through the spinner. Completing the six red drop targets scores 50K and advances the spinner value from 1K to 3K. You’ll inevitably get some drop targets without trying to, so just let them happen and only shoot at them if you’re down to just one or two left. Focus on the spinner. Completing the drops a second time is another 50K and raises the spinner value to 4K. Repeatedly playing multiball is the strategy on this game, though if you’re playing last and need a moderate amount of quick points, a high-value spinner shot or two is good. Bonus goes up to 80K, multiplier up to 10X. Completing the top 3 lanes advances the bonus X; it goes 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, then suddenly to 10X, so that last set is very valuable. Drop targets and lanes all advance bonus, so don’t actively shoot to increase it, just let it happen when you can’t make other shots. Lanes on the right side are okay value, 20K and 3 bonus advances each. You may want to hold up the left flipper while the ball is rattling around the left bumper to guard against center drains. There’s a hidden divider under the plastic behind the drop targets. The ball can come out the center of the drop bank or go to the right lane; right lane is more common. Key feed: right lane, does it come to a flipper (usually the right one) or drain down the center?

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