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Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Defeat Dracula's minions and his concubines, the Three Sisters, in this pinball machine known for its brutally unforgiving difficulty.

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Bram Stoker's Dracula is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1993. Design by Barry Oursler, Mark Sprenger. Mechanics by Zofia Bil Ryan. Art by Mark Sprenger. Code by Bill Pfutzenreuter. Sound by Paul Heitsch. Music by Paul Heitsch. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow. Animation by Scott Slomiany.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Bram Stoker's Dracula Rules

How to Play Bram Stoker's Dracula

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This game is very hard. The flippers are small, control is hard to get, and horizontal motion is very deadly. Get comfy with how the ball comes out of the pop bumpers first, and then figure out how to shoot the left ramp repeatedly. It’s the most important shot on the table.

There are three multiballs, which you can stack with one another. Scoring is doubled or tripled when playing two or three multiballs simultaneously. The goal is to get all three going at once.

To start each multiball:​

  • Castle: Shooting the left ramp or standup three-banks around the playfield lights locks. Lock balls at the left ramp. Ignore the standups - they’re too dangerous when you can use the ramp to light locks instead.
  • Mist: Lit at the upper left hole after enough left ramps.
  • Coffin: Shooting the right ramp lights locks, also at the right ramp. Three locks starts multiball.

The left ramp will alternate between lighting Castle locks and Coffin locks at the “bonus” awarded every six ramps. If Coffin locks are already lit, then this will always light Castle locks. Unlike the Castle, Coffin locks are easy to get without the left ramp, so make sure that Coffin locks are lit prior to collecting that bonus.

To play each multiball:

  • Castle: Shooting the left ramp locks the ball and lights the jackpot for a few seconds. Locking a second ball doubles the jackpot for a few seconds. Shoot the Mist hole to collect the jackpot when lit.
  • Mist: All shots are worth 10,000,000 points. Loop the left ramp.
  • Coffin: Right ramp spells DRACULA which awards a jackpot upon completion.

Barring situations where one multiball is all you need to win, try not to start any multiballs until you’re close to starting all three. They’re worth decent value alone, but always set your sights on triple multiballs.

Castle is the most valuable of the three by a significant margin and should be all you focus on during a triple multiball. Mist is decently valuable and can be used for reliable points. Coffin is awful by comparison and should be ignored.

Left ramp shots also start Bats, which is completed by collecting 15 switches as fast as possible and is awarded in every bonus for the rest of the game. Getting a good Bats mode scored early can be worth a few hundred million.

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