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Grand Lizard

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Grand Lizard is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1986. Design by Barry Oursler, Python Anghelo. Art by Python Anghelo, Paul Faris. Code by Ed Suchocki. Sound by Bill Parod.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Grand Lizard Rules

Quickie Version:

Upper drop target bank all day if you can. When the ball comes down to the lower playfield, lock a ball at the left. With one or two balls locked, hit the top right standup in the upper playfield to start multiball.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias left both top and bottom

Risk Index:

Medium; you’re safest with the ball in the upper playfield, so focus on getting it there

Shots to Master:



Plunge medium-soft so you can deflect the ball with the top right flipper to the top left flipper. Cradle the ball on the top left flipper, then shoot a drop target when the flashing light beneath them is on the 80,000 or 100,000 value.

Full Rules:

While this is after my end-of-1985 cutoff date, it’s often treated as a classic game, so I’ve included it here. If the top flippers are mounted “high enough” to readily cradle the ball on the left one, your best strategy is to shoot the top drop target bank all day, trying to make sure you start each bank with the 100,000 light on. The light moves in sequence from 20K-40K-60K-80K-100K-20K etc. What that does is lock in the value of completing the target bank IF you complete it before the timer on it runs out. The bank blinks to help you know how long you have left. Completing the drop target 3-bank on the upper left raises the value of the “cave” horseshoe shot behind it to 10K, 20K, 40K, then extra ball and special (both of which may or may not be worth anything). Completing the LIZARD standup targets lights the center spinner for 2K per spin and advances the bonus multiplier. The multiplier has an extra level compared to most games: 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, then … 10X! That 5th completion is huge if you get it. Return lanes score 3K and light the Mystery award, collected by a ramp shot to the opposite side (left return lane lights right side B ramp, right return lane lights left side A ramp). Outlanes score 5K plus two bonus advances; when lit by shooting both A and B ramps twice, you get 50K instead. Speaking of the A and B ramps, making both of them lights Hold Bonus. The Ball Release standup target at the top, when not lit to start multiball, is worth 5K and two bonus advances. I think shooting the Cave lights that target to be worth 50,000 if hit immediately. Magna-Saves: you start with 3 on each side. The magnets here are NOT sure-fire ball saves: they don’t grab the ball and drop it into the return lane below, they fling the ball away. Where it goes, who knows? But if the ball will drain if you don’t use it, you must take your chances. You can earn more magna saves by completing the LIZ standups (left save) or ARD standups (right save), and you’re also given one at the start of a new ball. Multiball: lock balls in the chute above the left flipper; backhands from a cradle on the left work best. Having one ball locked enables the release target on the upper playfield. Lock a second ball to set up a 3-ball multiball, which you can start by either hitting the release target or locking a third ball. During multiball, scores are doubled for a 2-ball multiball, tripled for 3 balls in play. General strategy is keep the ball up top all you can and when it comes to the lower playfield, try to lock a ball. Play multiball when available, but you may want to wait to have two balls locked rather than just one. If you can get 2 or 3 balls cradles during multiball, see if you have lit the center spinner. If so, one strategy is to backhand it from a cradle on the right flipper for 4K or 6K per spin.

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