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Hotdoggin' is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1979. Design by Gary Gayton. Art by Greg Freres. Code by Rehman Merchant.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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Hotdoggin' Rules

Quickie Version:

Complete the Hotdoggin, Ski and Fun letters as many times as possible and shoot the bonus multiplier inline targets at the upper left.

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Make the center “K” lane to light the up kicker and collect bonus lane. Very important! Even if you already have the K and need the S or I letters, still choose the K on the plunge for the kicker, then get the S and I later with shots to the top from the left flipper.

Full Rules:

Each lane, drop target and standup target gives you a different letter. Two of the return lanes also spot a letter at all times, two others do so when lit. Bonus is 2K per letter. Completing them all lights the 30K bonus light and lets you start a second set of letters. Bonus base value is held each ball. Bonus multiplier is advanced via the inline drop targets in the upper left: 3X, 4X and 5X (there is no 2X); multiplier resets each ball. Maximum bonus is 57K base and 5X for 285K total. No, it’s not 60K; if you complete all the letters again, they reset and you’re back to just 30K base, so stop before you finish the second set. First inline target lights the spinner at the top right for 1K per spin. Hotdoggin’s unique feature is its “disappearing kicker” bonus collect. While there’s no direct shot for the chute, if you have the kicker lit, you should try to nudge the ball in there, especially if you’ve built up a large bonus. The kicker turns off once triggered and must be relit by getting the K lane at the top again. If the kicker is not lit, the ball will fall down through the chute towards the right outlane. The small pin below the chute can deflect the ball back into play towards the right return lanes. Any time the ball enters the chute without the kicker active, try to make sure it hits that pin as it exits with well-timed a slap to the right side of the game. Finishing S-K-I lights the S and I for 5K and raises one bumper value to 1K for each SKI completion. SKI + HOTDOGGIN raises the saucer value to 25K. Each bank of drop targets goes up in per-target value the first time completed. The DOGG letters are best shot from the extra upper right flipper. Since you need all the letters, there’s no short-cut strategy to a big score. You’ve got to spread your shots around. That’s what makes this a good game, little is wasted. 

via Bob's Guide

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