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The Shadow

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A psychic secret agent must defeat Khan's evil forces in a pinball adaptation of the 1994 film. Brian Eddy's first game as a lead designer, known for it's fast layout and "phurba" diverter mechanic using a second set of flipper buttons.

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The Shadow is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1994. Design by Brian Eddy. Mechanics by Robert Friesl. Art by Doug Watson. Code by Mike Boon, Brian Eddy. Sound by Dan Forden. Music by Dan Forden. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow. Animation by Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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The Shadow Rules

How to Play The Shadow

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  • Skill shot will either be worth points or something potentially more rewarding, and can be changed with the left blue button. Weigh your options accordingly, especially if this is your first skill shot of a ball and ball save is running.
  • Shoot the “start scene” saucer to start scenes, your modes for the game. They can be changed by shooting the ramps, and points from scenes are only awarded at the end of the ball, so don’t tilt!
  • Access the Battlefield by shooting the upper left drop target at your own peril, as this can be tricky to recover from on some machines, and use the paddle to nail the flashing targets. Completing the Battlefield nets at least 30M and a lit extra ball.
  • Shoot the Sanctum enough times to start Shadow Multiball, and nail the upper loop for jackpots.
  • Spell KHAN at the return lanes to increase Bonus X and light Khan Multiball at the side saucer, which times out if started enough times. Shoot all major shots for jackpots.
  • Complete both entrances of both ramps to start Vengeance mode, then complete them again under the time limit to score 50M. The ramps are worth big points whenever Vengeance is running.
  • Complete MONGOL to light “who knows?” mystery award and light the orbits for a 30M hurry-up.
  • The game features lots of combos for making shots that lead into each other, including a 2-way loop combo for left orbit – upper loop shots with no known points limit. Making combos at the upper loop also lights extra ball.

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