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Attack from Mars

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Defeat the invading Martians and save the world in Bally's 1990s classic game, Attack from Mars. Featuring an approachable ruleset, satisfying shots, and some of the best pinball callouts ever.

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Attack from Mars is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1995. Concept by Brian Eddy. Design by Brian Eddy. Mechanics by Robert C. Friesl. Art by Doug Watson. Code by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.. Sound by Dan Forden. Music by Dan Forden. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow, Doug Watson. Animation by Adam Rhine, Brian Morris.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Chicago Gaming Company
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Solid State
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Attack from Mars Design Team

Brian Eddy
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Attack from Mars Rules

How to Play Attack from Mars

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The 3-bank in the center, when cleared, starts an Attack Wave, during which you wail on the center for a boatload of points, eventually destroying an invading Flying Saucer. Attack Waves are extremely lucrative, but very dangerous. Firing away at the center puts your ball in a very risky position.

Shooting the center ramp enough times starts a multiball, during which all ramps are worth jackpots and collecting all jackpots lights a super. It’s worth good value but locks you out of most other features.

Shooting the two ramps and two loops three times each starts Total Annihilation, a very valuable multiball during which all shots are lit for infinite jackpots. You can focus on this instead of saucers if those Attack Waves feel too dangerous.

Spelling M-A-R-T-I-A-N at the flashing standup targets lights Martian Attack at the scoop. Hitting all four bouncing martians during this mode begins a multiball.some text

  • You can collect Martian Bombs by spelling MARTIAN again, which you can use by pressing the launch button at any time. Hang onto these unless you can kill the last martian with them - at that point, the button instantly starts a multiball, which you can use to save your ball if it were to drain!

You can’t start a saucer during a multiball, but if one was already running before multiball begins, you can continue to attack and destroy it while the multiball plays out. Make sure you start a saucer before any multiball, and focus on destroying the saucer before focusing on the jackpots.

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