Logan Arcade

2410 W Fullerton Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

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July 22, 2024

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About Logan Arcade

Logan Arcade in Chicago, Illinois is a must-visit for any pinball enthusiast. Home to 35 machines and counting that range from the latest Stern Pinball games to classics like Centigrade 37, Radical!, and Robocop, Logan Arcade has something for everyone. Logan Arcade proudly boasts three TWIPY awards for "Best Pinball Location" in the U.S., making it one of if not the best Pinball Bar in the country! With regular game release parties, tournaments, and other fun events, Logan Arcade ensures a great experience no matter what your skill level may be. All pinball machines are very well-maintained - especially for a public location - so you can feel confident regardless of what machine you choose. What's more, Logan Arcade also has a few retro arcade games on offer so there's definitely something for everyone here - just remember that Logan Arcade is strictly 21+ only!

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