Starfighters Arcade

4840 E Jasmine St #102

Mesa, AZ 85205

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June 16, 2024

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Massive Collection

About Starfighters Arcade

If you ever find yourself in Mesa, Arizona, Starfighters Arcade is definitely worth a visit. This vintage arcade houses over 160 rotating pinball machines and classic arcade titles, making it the perfect spot for a retro gaming experience. When you first enter, your eyes may not know where to look as games from a variety of different eras beckon you forward. The early solid state pinball games look quite different from the flashy modern Stern machines, yet both offer an immersive and entertaining experience that is guaranteed to please players of all skill levels. Plus, with an all-day pass, your money buys you access to free play on all the vintage arcade cabinets and pinball machines. And should you be in the mood for a snack or a beverage while playing these vintage favorites, many small treats and refreshing drinks can also be found at Starfighters Arcade. They even host regular tournaments for dedicated competitive gamers. If you’re ever in Mesa looking for some vintage arcade and pinball fun, look no further than Starfighters Arcade!

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